Something about trekking

Its been since years that with every rainy season i get in to treking business.
Peth , peb, Matheran,Bhima Shanker,Chinchoti are some of the all time favourite places.

What to bring
Pack sack
Raincoat or poncho (downpours are frequent)
Boots or comfortable walking shoes Sandals,
 for river crossings or around campsite Warm clothing, (a fleece or sweater)
Hat for the sun Sleeping bag Flashlight Sunscreen
Water bottle
Plastic bags for documentation, camera
and a good dose of humor

Whenever you take a halt while climbing, always follow a golden rule.
Once you start leaving the place and get back to climbing, move little distance and then see back at the halt place to check if at all you are forgetting anything out there.

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