We all came across in Weekend course on basic Astronomy conducted by mumbai University.Since then very much in touch with most of them.Astrocrazy yahoogroup acted a vital player in keeping all of us in touch.Its been almost 2.5 years by now and we have spend lot of good time.We started with Lectures by all Astronmy Experts in Mumbai,went for Night SKy Observation at various places at OutSkirts of Mumbai.We also went for treking and usual Restauranting around the city.
Most of the group memebers are students of Science.But we did had People from various background viz : we had one journalist,Diamond Merchant,Marketing Fellow,retired Scientist and many others.
One of the guy out there is worth mentioning is Sachin Pilankar.He has come up with huge collection on Astronomy Stuff in Marathi languauge.Do visit his Web Site.  AvakashVedh

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