whats am i upto!!!???$$$###

Its been while I have stopped doing coding for my personal startup.(Although I call startup, I have actually not registered any co. There are 3 web projects running and growing on internet, but they are all without proven business model).

I take help from 3 friends/engineers from mumbai for my personal projects. All 3 are doing day job and helping me for very nominal incentive.

No. 1 ) is very hard working
No. 2 ) is very good at research & and is very good risk manager
No. 3 ) is good at delivering results

Its my dream to make it possible for all 3 of them to buy a Nice costly 3 bedroom aprt. in Mumbai.

Recently I was talking to No.2 team member, and I said,

"after doing evaluation from one guruji, one of our project has got to evaluation of 10,000 USD in 4 months time"

then i went further saying, "10,000 USD is around 4.5 lacs indian rupees. Thats around price for one Balcony inside 3 bedroom Apt. Alright so we have got to the value of one balcony(in 4 months), which is good enough for 3 people to work hard, after day job and reach upto level where its become possible to buy 3 bedroom apt. for each one in next 2-3 years"

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