Sad news

Its very tough to believe that someone who was closest for more than 10 years is not any more in your life. Its a mix of (pain & farewell) feeling.

Alright, I am talking abt my, very own, Moustache.

Yap, Its out of my life. It took just 5 seconds to eliminate, which was part of my identity for last 10-12 years.

Moustache gone.

Gillete ready to shave

Meeting investors & venture capitalist, who dont get interested in investing on idea of someone who has moustache. It reminds them of some terrorist.

Conducted Poll across 10 people.
7 said : "Nitin, you look absolute & ultimate wierd"
2 Said : "wierd, but now theres no going back"
1 said : "not that I want to hurt you, hence no comments"

coming soon
my first picture without Moustache with Statue of Liberty in background.

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At 5:34 AM, Anonymous Nik said...

Sahi hain dost. Waiting to see that wierd man.


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