Hansa & 2 kids vist New York

My cousin Hansa was in New york city with her two kids: bhavika & Jignesh. They are in Wichita Kansas since last 10 years.

Thanks to hema, they stayed all five days at her palce, located right in front of Central Park. Convenient for us to catch City Tour buses & subways to reach different places in city.

Its always fun to take some friend or close one to New york city for city view. Everytime u get to explore the city. I believe this is one of the best city in the world. It doesnt make me miss my Mumbai (India).

Every morning I have to rush to catch Train, and once you are in train, usually u dont get Place to sit. Usual Indian style. Once u r out of train, its all mad world. people are running & heading for some direction. Everyone with sense of purpose & duty. I like that kind of culture.

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