Chirkur balaji Temple

I was at Hedrabad with tauseef , rajeev and other friends.
The main purpose of visit was to Pray at Chirkur Balaji temple.
Chilkur is situated on the banks of Osman Sagar which is 20-30 miles from Hyderabad Outskirts with the beautiful pictures location.This temple is small in size but competing with Tirumala Govinda in popularity.The speciality of the temple is that there is no hundi.Also there is no special queue for VIP's and all that which happens elsewhere. BELIEFS:-It is believed any devotees who goes around the temple 11 times with devotion and love his desire gets fullfill. After the desire is fulfill the devotee goes around the temple for 108 times. So, devotees visiting chilkur are advised not to get carried away by mischief mongres. and never close eyes while taking darshana. and fall flat and do namaskar's. never pay money. The richer and the poor should go in the same line for darshana.

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