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people who are close to me, know that, You have to talk to me every month to find out my next new million dollar business plan as entrepreneur :)

I was talking to my close friend "Tarun Lalan" few days back, he is heading towards most important event of his life. He is getting married tomorrow in India.

Tarun is perhaps most intelligent friend i ever had. his life, talk, walk everything revolves around IF Then Else conditions. Although few times i have conveyed him that it sucks to use so much intelligence all the time, life is easy and at times should be kept simple.

tarun is finishing his MBA from IIM Lucknow this year and had job has onsite[USA] business developer with top Indian software house. he spoke to me day before this interview and said that there where only 4-5 candidates eligible for this interview and everyone other than him are from IIT. He went about telling me how challenging its going to be.

I was cool. I told him, Tarunbhai I have absolute confidence that you are going to get through, I have complete idea of how well you can do things. Just let the day pass, and you will be winner.

He got the job.

I was speaking to him 2 weeks back and came to know that he is going to Lakswadeep for Honeymoon.

We both where so glad talking about it.

He went on explaining why he chose Lakshadweep over kerala or mauritius..

While talking all this on international call, i came up with my next business plan, which i went ahead shared with tarun...

"tarun how about this....,
find out some small island near Lakshadweep, we will lease it from tourism department, then i will raise funding to buy one Ambhipian Aircraft(aircarft which can land on water or land) 40-50 people capacity, then I take off every weekend from sea near JUHU beach, and land in water near island, we can sell this 2 days adventure package for 5000 rupees per person, do you think you can handle economics for this"...

we both laughed over whole business plan, but i was glad that i came up with this innovative aviation company idea. may be if vijay mallya will read this, he will start this venture.

Anyways tarun was in his world of marriage and we ended our call with lot of greetings.

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At 11:43 AM, Blogger Tarun said...

Tarun is from IIM Indore. You sure think way too much of Tarun, than he does of himself.


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