Cap gemini The Dream Company

I never had Idea of how much Cap gemini is appreciated by Software proffesioanls.

I was at Hedrabad with my old Engineering friends.

They were totally 7 - 8 of them

3 in wipro
2 in Oracle
1 in Infosys
1 in Computer Science Corporation

And all of them wanted to join one dream company called "CApgemini"....

While coming back from h'Bad tauseef told me...
"Abey saale tu khali fokat rota rehta hain...teri company ka kya solid brand name hain dekh"

And I said "Ha Yaar" .

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At 11:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Capgemini, a dream company? You might want to check this site : (automatic translation from French).

Best regards.


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