google vs harshad mehta

came across some explanation about why would google buy youtube and thought of comparing it to harshad mehta strategy.

youtube already had lot of companies(almost all media) ready to sue them for copyright on content for big time. still google buys youtube for large 1.6 billion dollars(all stocks).

hashad mehta kept buying & holding certain companies even though he had signals that there where certain group of people who are all set and trying to bring them down for personal interest.

if youtube was not bought by google and had broke to pieces by all media companies, the no. 2 video website on internet[] wud become no.1 . myspace belongs to fox. fox is media company. google looses hold on content type "video"

if harshad mehta had stopped buying & holding stocks the big players where ready to start the crash, which eventually makes harshad mehta loose his value of holdings.

google has best lawyers working and almost all media company have now filed law suit against them, have you heard of viacom asking for decent 1 billion dollars. time will tell how google resolves the issue.

harshad mehta had bad time. crash was forced by few greedy people. and reporters started publicising missing bank money. he lost his funds and became failure in chain reaction.

google operates in usa market

harshad mehta operated in indian market.

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