Hawking Paradox

If u happened to watch Documentary on "Hawkings Paradox" or have read book "A Brief History of Time" you will understand wht I have to say here.

"Hawking Paradox" is information destruction theory proposed by scientitst Stephen Hawkings. It tries to explain that when information/substance gets absorbed inside Black Hole, information is destroyed in this universe and gets created in simmilar universe somewhere else. i.e there are several simmilar universe all around the place.

No scientisit or scientific evidence agrees with what Stephen has said.

I am big fan of Stephen Hawkings and I believe him for following reason.
1) Physic explains how this world works, but doesnt explain how world was formed
2) hawkings theory has certain aspect which matches with indian scriptures
3) hawkings doesnt think the way we do, he has different vision and can see things in different dimensions, which we can never understand.

Yesterday while in train I spent few minutes thinking over it.
Below are my thoughts:
1) Let time be represented by railway tracks.
i.e Station A is past, Station B is present and Station C is future.
2) Everything we see around including human beings are Passenger in this train.
3) Each compartment of this train is independent universe.

Now let say I am sitting inside compartment number 4 . And get a call from one friend who is inside compartment 3. I get up from my seat, start walking towards connecting door, open the door, and get inside compartment 3.

There was a 12 months old baby sitting on the lap of her mother, close to door, she saw me getting inside door and then I was out of sight. This baby thinks I got absorbed inside door and all information is lost.

Does it matter for me if I change my compartment ???
Not really, because all compartments and moving togather in one direction. So it doesnt matter if I travell to compartment 3 or compartment 2.

When I change my compartment I do change my timing, i.e I do travel in future or past.

Now to make problem more complex, add few more assumptions.
1) Each compartment is identitical i.e same people are sitting inside all the compartment.
2) You have no idea which direction train is moving.
It really needs a different dimension to realise something like this. I am sure stephen knows it correctly. We can just assume things for now.

My train passed "oakland Airport" station, and I got another thought. Is it possible that in one of my practice flight I did "take off" in this universe and then some black hole sucked bay area inside it, then by time I landed back in oakland, I was in different universe.

Have you ever experienced "Dejavu". Dejavu means the experience of feeling that one has witnessed or experienced a new situation previously. You never know it might be part of "Hawking Paradox".

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At 12:51 PM, Blogger AaaDee !! said...

as u said if I have read the book or have seen the documentary, i ll understand what u say. so as i dont met eligibility criterion, i dont understand what u write.

so, if u have a copy of book, bring that home. then i read the book n continue reading ur blog Pilot :)


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