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I have been using internet since 1997. Reflecting back on last 10 years I understand i have shifted from one type of website to other.

around 1997-1999, I was a big fan of Ecommerce websites. I recollect I use read magazines and note list of urls on paper which i wanted to visit once i go to cybercafe. These websites wanted to sell everything on internet. I had heard story of how one guy bought customised jet aircraft online. There was another guy who locked himself inside room and ordered complete house item without going outside.

2000 onwards i had picked up web designing. i made many websites on geocities for free. while devolping i understood how to optimise images for faster loading of pages.

2001 was bad, i did all odd jobs, no one gave developers job, so i teamed up with 2 friends and started making software product. eventually all 3 of us got better jobs and our product never got executed.

2003 onwards I started hearing about & . I recollect reading story of how Desi founder of was negotiating with yahoo to sell a company named "google". was acquired for few 100 million in dotcom boom, was just coming up, founder was friend to google founder. yahoo thought 1 billion dollar was too much for search/google so turned off the deal.

2005, yahoo stopped using google search and decided to do search by themself.

till 2006 it was all about search. gmail came and taught everyone that dont organise just search. no one wants to organise things on internet, everyone wants to search.

where do i spend time on internet today ?
youtube & orkut .

i find good clips on youtube and forward them to all friends on orkut. all my friends think i am casually spending time to watch videos, have fun and later spam everyone on orkut list. However i let myself use youtube & orkut but carefully keep watching my behaviour like a third person. i have come across many points/features/ideas which are right now missing in world of online video and social networking, but non of them are god enough to start a project.

theres no way users are going to see video the way they do today. i keep myslef 3 years in future and imagine how better video and social networking would be.

between have you heard of my aviation theme park project, targeted to be completed by 2010, its going to be 25 mile radial area in nevada, where you can come down, get trained for 2-3 hours and then fly single engine aircraft, everything for 250 dollars. the night i got this project idea, i woke up at 2am and started making paper planes till 5 in morning.

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