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I got news about two different projects in last 12 hours.

1) Bhuvan by ISRO
India's ISRO has launched a new tool named Bhuvan, it zooms in to satellite images upto 2 meters resolution. Also helps you know about natural resource in area like water etc. I am trying since last night to get a glimpse of it(Servers overloaded after launch, I guess whole India is on it). This project will be as prudent as India's railway booking website . Powerful & extremely useful.

Got email from founder of Riya, Munjal Shah, about shutting down. I remember following all happenings at this startup as if it was my own company. It was all inspiring to read Munjal's blog. riya team has moved on to new project and they are doing good. I do not like as much as, because I personally do not identify with it. However if munjal starts blogging again, I will buy some gift for my wife on this website.

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