Top 8 mistakes I recollect from my flying

While entering Livermore airspace for landing called livermore tower frequency and said.."Napa Tower this is cessna niner seven two tango alpha"...tower replied..."niner seven two tango alpha this is livermore tower not napa"

While entering bay area from North.instead of calling Norcal over 120.9 i tuned into 121.9 and said "Norcal this is cessna niner seven two tango alpha"...frequncy replied back.."this oakland ground not norcal"

didnt note that livermore airport is at 500 ft elevation, hence delta airspace goes upto 2500 + 500 = 3000 ft. I started descending into its airspace entered 3000 ft, without taking clearance from airport.

was about to make one very bad landing, was 10-15 knots faster than required speed and didnt flare for long time. if i had continued 2-3 seconds more in same configuration, I would have damaged aircraft.

came almost on oakland downwind without calling tower and taking clearance for landing.

during pre-solo phase checkride my examiner took off/away power from engine and tried simulating engine failure, we were at 4500 ft. i went thru emergency landing checklist & executed most of the steps. made a big mistake in selecting emergency landing field..i decided to make landing on a golf course below me. i shud have tried for concord airport, just 6 miles away. wrong choice of emergency landing field. i came down to 800 feet then full throtle and started climbing.

most memorable mistake:
I was holding short runway 27 right at oakland. one jet was on final to land. i called tower "oakland tower cessna niner seven two tango alpha holding short runway 27 right ready for takeoff"....tower replied "972ta hold short runway two seven right"..i replied "27 right cleared for take-off" soon as i said that "pilot inside jet which was about to land" and tower controller freaked out on radio ;) i was told to just keep waiting, and replied wrongly saying alright i am taking runway for take off :) . before making any movement i apologiesed and said tht i am going to hold short.

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Nicely Narrated

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u sucks.


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