castleman disease and flight stories

My father passed away on may 16th 1995 due to rare cancer/disorder named Castleman Disease. Last night for some reason I tried looking for info on this disease and it seems even today medical science has no solution/treatment for it.

I was speaking to my mom in mumbai to update her with my flight stories. I usually tell her things with reference to locations around mumbai. I have started flying outside bay area for which i told her thht now i have started taking aircraft from santacruz airport and i kind of fly upto New bombay and come back all by myself. And this month I am goign to fly cross-country flight which would be as good as flying from mumbai to ahmedabad or kolhapur and come back. on the way i need to land at 3 different airports.

I come across people now and then who ask me what will I do once I get pilot license. I give different answers depending upon what that person is upto.

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what will you do once u get pilot license???


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