"Project AIR" : bootstrapping

plan of action:
1) getting incorporated(register a llc company) in USA.
2) got a btifull domain name for website.
3) getting old boxes to run linux & convert them to servers.
4) plan to make a prototype & ask friends to test it.
5) file patent rights for startegy thru most economic attorney.
6) make it featurefull & raise some seed/ inital angel money.
7) expose it further.
8) repeat 6 & 7

1) company grows only thru users, not just bcos we got some big investors & started recruiting people.
2) go smooth, play safe, and keep it flexible.
3) no business plan to stick too. No ROI to meet. No exit plan to dream of.
4) no waiting for approval from Mr. Investor.
5) nothing to loose & whole world to win.
6) do all this while your regualr job is on.

1) working like crazy to get things done. Stuff like Linux with mail servers & other few open packages & hosting it on home cable internet is full of pain. Dedicated hosting is out of question at this point of time.
2) do all this while your regualr job is on.

What is "Project Air", all about:
It is a stupid Simple idea, which is not as per current trend. Trying to do something exactly oposite of what world is moving towards.

Our chances:
1) may be we get burnOut completely
2) may be we change this world.

side effects:
slept 7 out of last 48 hours. Nilesh & Raj found me talking in sleep abt some server. So work was ON even while I was sleeping. Messed up with my notebook, had to format it.

help needed:
if you have any kind of experience on Linux, pls get in touch. if you are in NY/Nj area & have boxes to trash, pls. mail the configuration.

Coming soon:
picture of those old boxes (first servers) connected to my home cable internet using no static ip.

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