Hawking Paradox

If u happened to watch Documentary on "Hawkings Paradox" or have read book "A Brief History of Time" you will understand wht I have to say here.

"Hawking Paradox" is information destruction theory proposed by scientitst Stephen Hawkings. It tries to explain that when information/substance gets absorbed inside Black Hole, information is destroyed in this universe and gets created in simmilar universe somewhere else. i.e there are several simmilar universe all around the place.

No scientisit or scientific evidence agrees with what Stephen has said.

I am big fan of Stephen Hawkings and I believe him for following reason.
1) Physic explains how this world works, but doesnt explain how world was formed
2) hawkings theory has certain aspect which matches with indian scriptures
3) hawkings doesnt think the way we do, he has different vision and can see things in different dimensions, which we can never understand.

Yesterday while in train I spent few minutes thinking over it.
Below are my thoughts:
1) Let time be represented by railway tracks.
i.e Station A is past, Station B is present and Station C is future.
2) Everything we see around including human beings are Passenger in this train.
3) Each compartment of this train is independent universe.

Now let say I am sitting inside compartment number 4 . And get a call from one friend who is inside compartment 3. I get up from my seat, start walking towards connecting door, open the door, and get inside compartment 3.

There was a 12 months old baby sitting on the lap of her mother, close to door, she saw me getting inside door and then I was out of sight. This baby thinks I got absorbed inside door and all information is lost.

Does it matter for me if I change my compartment ???
Not really, because all compartments and moving togather in one direction. So it doesnt matter if I travell to compartment 3 or compartment 2.

When I change my compartment I do change my timing, i.e I do travel in future or past.

Now to make problem more complex, add few more assumptions.
1) Each compartment is identitical i.e same people are sitting inside all the compartment.
2) You have no idea which direction train is moving.
It really needs a different dimension to realise something like this. I am sure stephen knows it correctly. We can just assume things for now.

My train passed "oakland Airport" station, and I got another thought. Is it possible that in one of my practice flight I did "take off" in this universe and then some black hole sucked bay area inside it, then by time I landed back in oakland, I was in different universe.

Have you ever experienced "Dejavu". Dejavu means the experience of feeling that one has witnessed or experienced a new situation previously. You never know it might be part of "Hawking Paradox".

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google vs harshad mehta

came across some explanation about why would google buy youtube and thought of comparing it to harshad mehta strategy.

youtube already had lot of companies(almost all media) ready to sue them for copyright on content for big time. still google buys youtube for large 1.6 billion dollars(all stocks).

hashad mehta kept buying & holding certain companies even though he had signals that there where certain group of people who are all set and trying to bring them down for personal interest.

if youtube was not bought by google and had broke to pieces by all media companies, the no. 2 video website on internet[myspace.com] wud become no.1 . myspace belongs to fox. fox is media company. google looses hold on content type "video"

if harshad mehta had stopped buying & holding stocks the big players where ready to start the crash, which eventually makes harshad mehta loose his value of holdings.

google has best lawyers working and almost all media company have now filed law suit against them, have you heard of viacom asking for decent 1 billion dollars. time will tell how google resolves the issue.

harshad mehta had bad time. crash was forced by few greedy people. and reporters started publicising missing bank money. he lost his funds and became failure in chain reaction.

google operates in usa market

harshad mehta operated in indian market.

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my startup airlines

people who are close to me, know that, You have to talk to me every month to find out my next new million dollar business plan as entrepreneur :)

I was talking to my close friend "Tarun Lalan" few days back, he is heading towards most important event of his life. He is getting married tomorrow in India.

Tarun is perhaps most intelligent friend i ever had. his life, talk, walk everything revolves around IF Then Else conditions. Although few times i have conveyed him that it sucks to use so much intelligence all the time, life is easy and at times should be kept simple.

tarun is finishing his MBA from IIM Lucknow this year and had job has onsite[USA] business developer with top Indian software house. he spoke to me day before this interview and said that there where only 4-5 candidates eligible for this interview and everyone other than him are from IIT. He went about telling me how challenging its going to be.

I was cool. I told him, Tarunbhai I have absolute confidence that you are going to get through, I have complete idea of how well you can do things. Just let the day pass, and you will be winner.

He got the job.

I was speaking to him 2 weeks back and came to know that he is going to Lakswadeep for Honeymoon.

We both where so glad talking about it.

He went on explaining why he chose Lakshadweep over kerala or mauritius..

While talking all this on international call, i came up with my next business plan, which i went ahead shared with tarun...

"tarun how about this....,
find out some small island near Lakshadweep, we will lease it from tourism department, then i will raise funding to buy one Ambhipian Aircraft(aircarft which can land on water or land) 40-50 people capacity, then I take off every weekend from sea near JUHU beach, and land in water near island, we can sell this 2 days adventure package for 5000 rupees per person, do you think you can handle economics for this"...

we both laughed over whole business plan, but i was glad that i came up with this innovative aviation company idea. may be if vijay mallya will read this, he will start this venture.

Anyways tarun was in his world of marriage and we ended our call with lot of greetings.

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Nice landing ! Captain Mekhiya !

I have been working to get Private Pilot License for last few months. I had target to go solo (start flying all alone) in feb last week and give a checkride (final exam where you fly with US gov. appointed Examiner from Federal aviation), howeevr everything got delayed bcos of bad weather & rain in feb. I am suppose to fly VFR(visual flight rules), these are set of regulations/rules imposed because of weather conditions. low cloud layers or bumpy wind or any weather unusual conditions cancels vfr flying.

but anyways i am back on track and now shooting for April.

i am waiting to get that small piece paper called "License" in my hand, which will read

"Pilot Nitin Mekhiya"

my instructor was telling today that "its really wonderful to be a Pilot, I walk inside a store with some doctor. other guy says, I am a doctor and I say : I am a pilot, and you know people just look at me"

I agree with him absolutely.

In last 2-3 months I had many similar experiences.

I take Bart(bay Area rapid Transit) Trains from Fremont to San Francisco. And I read my books/notes for my Private Pilot exam. As soon as someone sitting close to me notices something related to aviation, they go ahead and ask abt it..

someone: hey what are u working on ?
me: oh you know i am working to become Pilot!
someone: oh wow! really !
me: yap!
someone: you know i always wanted to learn how to fly ?
me: ok.
someone: isn't it scary to do landings ?

and talking goes on.

I have met many Desi who end up getting so excited that they give and take mobile number and say that they want to keep in touch :)

its fun when you start experiencing the charisma around you.

This is one of landings at Oakland international Airport

i was discussing this my instructor and told him that although i come across people who love and get excited to talk about aviation, i personally don't feel that way.

He explained that I don't feel any excited bcos I am working on it, I am going through lot of challenges, I have to do lot of reading, get up 4 in morning to reach airport at 6, fly 6.30-7.30 and then reach office at 9. While flying I am completely engrossed with all check lists & procedure, theres is no moment when i realize that WOW effect!!!
its all hard work & learning involvement.

its like when i was learning riding bike, i wasnt excited, i was worried about handling it and that continued till i actually mastered it and then riding was all pleasure most of the time..

Today was great day for me, cos i was able to do good landings and go one step further.

My instructor asked me to change the touch down point. When Pilot does landing, he is suppose to fix a target point at the start of runway, where numbers are written.

today i was asked to come close to runway and continue to fly parallel to runway and touchdown at different points. It was amazing experience and i was glad that i was able to do it after 2-3 landings.

1) the usual landing with keeing numbers as target and do touchdown on numbers.

2) & 3) these are shifted touchdown points which i was able to hit and do landing. You come close to runway and continue flying parallel to it and idle throttle (reduce power) just enough when you are exactly at your touchdown point. i have no idea how exactly i do it, its lot of adjustments of power, speed pitch and vision.

I did one amazing touchdown and my instructor said

"Nice landing! Captain Mekhiya!"

I smiled and said "roger" (roger means "all-right" in aviation)

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