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The Statue of Liberty faces outward toward the nations. She holds aloft the torch of freedom, the flame of hope, the principle of equality for all people, the promise of the future. She holds this torch high in the daytime and during the night as well. She shines her light in the midst of darkness. Her strength is in her right arm and her right arm carries the strength of God. She represents hope to the hopeless, welcome to the poor and the meek. She faces outward toward the ocean; her lamp, a beacon on stormy seas. Behind and within her is the will of God, saying through her: "Welcome, my beloved children. Welcome to the Golden Door."
Life is too short to waste ON FAILURES. Change the organisation or change the organisation
(Martin Fowler)

If I come up with something that is of great value to 2-3 people, then it is very likely that it will also be of value to 90 million people
(Sabeer Bhatia)

Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life. Don't be trapped by dogma - which is living with the results of other people's thinking. Don't let the noise of other's opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.
(steve jobs)

--- with this blog, I decide to earliest pack my bags & move to silicon valley.

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Sad news

Its very tough to believe that someone who was closest for more than 10 years is not any more in your life. Its a mix of (pain & farewell) feeling.

Alright, I am talking abt my, very own, Moustache.

Yap, Its out of my life. It took just 5 seconds to eliminate, which was part of my identity for last 10-12 years.

Moustache gone.

Gillete ready to shave

Meeting investors & venture capitalist, who dont get interested in investing on idea of someone who has moustache. It reminds them of some terrorist.

Conducted Poll across 10 people.
7 said : "Nitin, you look absolute & ultimate wierd"
2 Said : "wierd, but now theres no going back"
1 said : "not that I want to hurt you, hence no comments"

coming soon
my first picture without Moustache with Statue of Liberty in background.

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hitu & janu

These are my niece Hitaishi (5) & Janvi (3) (Hitu Janu), they live in pune with their parents and they understand that USA is on the other side of planet earth hence when India has day, Nitin mama in America has night.

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Rang de Basanti !!!

Alright so Friday, Jan-27-2005, I get to see much awaited Aamir khan's movie...
Rang De Basanti

Is any one at all excited about it ???
I know! I am !

Heading straight after work to Loews Theater at Time Square, New York city.

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The Indus Entrepreneurs

Started attending TIE (the indus entrepreneurs) events in tri-State area. TIE members in New York city are mostly from Finance background.

They either wrk for Banks or Equity market or some other finance Institution. Was not able to find anyone who had web startup.

Events in TIE-SV (silicon valley events are meant for startups). Thinking of switching my job to Silicon valley area.

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Hansa & 2 kids vist New York

My cousin Hansa was in New york city with her two kids: bhavika & Jignesh. They are in Wichita Kansas since last 10 years.

Thanks to hema, they stayed all five days at her palce, located right in front of Central Park. Convenient for us to catch City Tour buses & subways to reach different places in city.

Its always fun to take some friend or close one to New york city for city view. Everytime u get to explore the city. I believe this is one of the best city in the world. It doesnt make me miss my Mumbai (India).

Every morning I have to rush to catch Train, and once you are in train, usually u dont get Place to sit. Usual Indian style. Once u r out of train, its all mad world. people are running & heading for some direction. Everyone with sense of purpose & duty. I like that kind of culture.

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Macy's Thanksgiving day parade

Had been to Macy's Thanks giving parade in New York city. Parade actually stems from European tradition.

In the 1920's many of Macy's department store employees were first-generation immigrants. Proud of their new American heritage, they wanted to celebrate the American holiday with the type of festival they loved in Europe.

The employees marched from 145 Street down to 34th Street dressed as clowns, cowboys, knights and sheiks. There were floats, professional bands and 25 live animals borrowed from the Central Park Zoo.

The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade is a true New York experience that is magical for both children and adults.

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