Mountaineering Tips

While climbing mountain
  1. keep your mouth Shut and avoid breathing thru Mouth.It helps in retaining moisture within.
  2. Walk like a baby, be prepared to roll on your every step.
  3. keep a pace of walking such that , which you can continue for whole day.
  4. In rainy season while climbing slippery steep rocks, use rope for protection.
  5. Stand straight while crossing river/stream.Do not sit or bend down while walking for Support.If in Group make a chain.
While climbing down any mountain/Hill
1) loosen your Shoes to some extent.It helps to be more flexible and avoids cramps.

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We all came across in Weekend course on basic Astronomy conducted by mumbai University.Since then very much in touch with most of them.Astrocrazy yahoogroup acted a vital player in keeping all of us in touch.Its been almost 2.5 years by now and we have spend lot of good time.We started with Lectures by all Astronmy Experts in Mumbai,went for Night SKy Observation at various places at OutSkirts of Mumbai.We also went for treking and usual Restauranting around the city.
Most of the group memebers are students of Science.But we did had People from various background viz : we had one journalist,Diamond Merchant,Marketing Fellow,retired Scientist and many others.
One of the guy out there is worth mentioning is Sachin Pilankar.He has come up with huge collection on Astronomy Stuff in Marathi languauge.Do visit his Web Site.  AvakashVedh

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School Friends

Talib(working for Toyo (zapanese firm))
Hemant (works for a US based Diamond merchant)
Sadik (as of now runs a franchise of ICICI Prudential)
Ramesh (might join Fire Brigade as of now doing coding on MS platform)
Amit (did his studies in Geology)

Just yesterday got a news that Amit is Joining some Big Oil company, would be working at Jodhpur at the actual Site where they drill for Oil.He always wanted to work on projects where he travells to some weird place and collect samples of various rocks and other earthly stuff.

Hemant has recently joined a Big/Rich merchant from USA and would be supporting his Diamond Business.He would be in Purchase of Diamonds in Mumbai and will travell to Europe and USa often....sounds good.
Ramesh is going to join some traning on .Net technology under Bipin joshi. 
Sadik is on lookout for opprtunity where he can make a big scam and make money for his lifetime.
Talib is getting married this October, iwould be Travelling with him to Indore for his marriage.

We are meeting for some outing this sunday..some good old mountain to hike together after long time.

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Something about trekking

Its been since years that with every rainy season i get in to treking business.
Peth , peb, Matheran,Bhima Shanker,Chinchoti are some of the all time favourite places.

What to bring
Pack sack
Raincoat or poncho (downpours are frequent)
Boots or comfortable walking shoes Sandals,
 for river crossings or around campsite Warm clothing, (a fleece or sweater)
Hat for the sun Sleeping bag Flashlight Sunscreen
Water bottle
Plastic bags for documentation, camera
and a good dose of humor

Whenever you take a halt while climbing, always follow a golden rule.
Once you start leaving the place and get back to climbing, move little distance and then see back at the halt place to check if at all you are forgetting anything out there.

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Here I start.

This is my first blog on bloggers.

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